Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Wodka's many uses!

Many of my friends and family laugh when I tell them that I use vodka to clean my shower...maybe it's that they're under the impression I'm wasting the good stuff??

No fear, I actually use the cheap stuff in a spray bottle to clean soap scum and mildew from the shower. I swear it works!!! And, it appears many others also believe in vodka as a cleaning agent:

Apartment Therapy - 12 Best Household Uses for Vodka

Cleaning and Disinfecting with Vodka - via Squidoo

*Linnea - don't you wish we had known about this before you cleaned that chandelier of mine on 9th Ave piece-by-piece!!!

**Sam - your Great Grandma would have loved this! Or, maybe she was ahead of the game and started the craze!!!

Great garden idea!

What a wonderful idea for a garden!
Image courtesy of Apartment Therapy