Monday, February 11, 2008

Weekend updates....

This weekend I allowed myself to just vege out and enjoy the new pad. Whew!!

Had a great sleepover with Auds, Barb, and Sam. Good times! I'll post pictures soon, but will let you know that we made some updates in the kitchen and with the front door!! Now, that doesn't sound like relaxation, but Sam did all the work while I took pics!

Sunday had a wonderful home cooked meal with Leslie (THANK YOU!), Galen, Maureen, Emily, and Auds. Without a fridge, I've been limited with what I can cook. But, that will change when on Valentine's Day I am delivered a wonderful new fridge of my own. !!

I'm planning on painting the buffet this week, but will keep the winning color a surprise!!

Enjoy your week!

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