Thursday, March 22, 2012

Reusing wooden pallets

Love this idea of wooden pallets for fencing...

Why do I think a pallet fence is a good idea? Well, you can find pallets around town for FREE! Fences are, this is definitely economical. Also, you would be saving the pallets from going to a landfill which is definitely earth friendly. Lastly, you will have a unique fence which you can either paint or leave natural.

I found a nifty site that gives you directions on how to go about putting a pallet fence together.


Jacklynn said...

Do you have the original link with the step by step instructions on how to do this fence? I can't seem to find it on this post. Thanks!

LaNa said...

Jacklynn - I'm not sure what had happened to the link, but it's there now. Thanks for visiting!