Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Help from the family artist!

My niece kindly assisted with painting the kitchen last night. At just 2 1/2, I think she's got a great eye!

It made me sad to have to paint over it, but I plan on giving her a place at the back of the fridge to make-her-mark over the final coat. Of course, I will take pics!!

Samantha and I placed the first coat of paint on the kitchen walls last night and it looks great! (Thanks Sam!) Tonight I am putting a black-and-white tile floor down in the kitchen with Traci. Gotta love progress!

Oh, and I FINALLY got a couch! Actually, Samantha is loaning me a couch until I can find one of my own. It is a really special "Hollywood-era" piece in a goldish yellow that once sat in her grandparents home. It is quite a treasure and very meaningful knowing where it came from. It's got the lines and tufting that I was looking for and looks wonderful with my paint color. Now, I just need to figure out where to place it in the living room!

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