Friday, January 25, 2008

What a BIG week!

This week started with some carpet removal and the hopes to buff the wood floors in two of the upstairs bedrooms. Those hopes were quickly shattered once I saw the condition of the floors. There was quite a bit of paint covering them, but I knew they could be brought back to life! Allied Floors did a great job of sanding them. I'll attach pics of the before with carpet, without carpet and looking terrible, and then after 1 of the 3 coats of sealer.

I also got a new roof this week. MBC took care of the job and did a fantastic job. Bless them for working in such cold conditions! I've got the before pics, but a dusting of snow has covered up their handy work. An after pic will come soon!

Movers bring most of my stuff this weekend - exciting stuff!

Beautiful floors!
Ugly floors BEFORE!
The old roof

Floors before pulling carpet

Enjoy your weekend!

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