Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Seafoam or Granite?

Take the poll at your right to give your feedback on the color of a couch for LaNa!

Seafoam -

Granite -


Seafoam is fun...would look great with the "Tornado Watch" paint in the living room...and matches the pillows/decor. BUT, am I going to be sitting on it in a couple years thinking "I have a seafoam colored couch?!?!" *note: the seafoam color looks a little different on this link with the's definitely more true to the swatch provided. In the pic of the couch in seafoam it looks a bit robins-egg blue... here's the swatch on the chair

Granite is more of a classic, neutral color...looks good with the paint...not so great with chair cushions and pillows...definitely don't think we'll be tired of color as we can spice it up with pillows, etc.

Love them both...find myself leaning towards seafoam, but am scared of that commitement!


Anonymous said...

Definitely go with the seafoam. Everyone has granite/grey. It can be "the piece" you decorate around for years to come.


Miranda said...

Love the seafoam! Granite reminds me of my grandparents, seafoam is totally you.

Gigi said...

Seafoam ... priceless!!