Thursday, December 3, 2009

A wamer LaNa!

The cold weather is here and that means chilly temps inside LaNa! Unfortunately, it seems that there isn't much insulation in between our walls!!

Therefore, yesterday I took advantage of DTE's December special on energy audits. A representative came out to let us know what areas we could improve to lower our heating costs and also where we could get some tax credits.

Knowing what needed to be done already, I also had someone come and blow R 49 cellulouse insulation into the attic yesterday! Cellulouse insulation is made with recycled newspaper and is a wonderful green alternative. With the tax credit, I'm only paying half the costs out of pocket!!! Yippie!

And, what a HUGE difference! One night with more insulation in the attic has helped to take the chill off!

Included with my FREE energy audit was a programmable thermostat, five compact fluorescent lightbulbs, a low-flow shower head, insulation for the water pipes, and three faucet aerator's!! No charge AND they installed everything for us!! What a bargain!

Next up - new Wallside Windows before the end of the year on the second level. And with that...another tax credit! Yahoo!

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