Monday, May 24, 2010

Baby Blue Jay #51

logo from BCWC

On Saturday, Lola and I rescued a baby blue jay that had fallen out of one of the pine trees at LaNa.  The parents weren't far away and were, obviously, very upset.  The bird was still a nestling and in order to survive needed to be with its parents OR a rescue center. 

Baby birds need to eat every 30 minutes, and while the parents seemed to be feeding it on the ground, it was in danger of coming into contact with a dog, cat, raccoon, etc.  We needed to get it off the ground and with the help of a bird volunteer in our area, we created a nest out of a hanging pot and leaves that the bird happily snuggled into.  Unfortunately, the mother was also tending to other birds in the nest and we feared our little one wouldn't make it through the night because of the falling temperatures and that hadn't yet developed feathers. 

We called the Bird Center of Washtenaw County and were thrilled that they could take "him" in.  This center is incredible and the volunteers went out of their way to show us their setup and share information with Lola.  Our bird was tagged #51 and put in a "nest" of his own where he will be rehabilitated.  The baby birds were all on one table in individual nests where they are fed every 30 minutes from dusk until dawn by volunteers.  Whew - who knew?!?! 

The setup also included tables with birds that were learning to fly and take care of themselves for the "real" world. 

Just incredible!  THANK YOU to the Bird Center of Washtenaw County for helping our little guy and all the others that are injured, orphaned, needing some extra assistance, or have survived a HIGH fall from a pine tree like #51. 

The best is that we are welcome to check-in on his well being and to also visit.  Yeah!


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