Friday, May 7, 2010

kitchen makeover has begun!

After a quick lead paint test (none = yeah!!), we are ready to move forward with a mini facelift for the kitchen.  The cupboards look like they may be the original to LaNa built in 1948.  They had YEARS of paint on them and on the hinges.  When I moved in, I figured I would add to the paint as did everyone else...not wise, but it was quick and easy.  However, that one last coat of paint did the cupboards in and they haven't closed shut for 2 years!  It looks like a movie scene where the cupboards are swung open by the resident spirits!

My Dad has asked to take care of them many times, but I assumed there would be lead paint somewhere in the layers.  So, I've just lived with it...until now!

The kitchen is a bit dark for me, love the color, but it is feeling gloomy.  The itch to brighten it up finally got me to pick-up a lead test at Lowes.  SUPER EASY and SUPER CHEAP!  And, to my dismay, no lead showed in the layers tested. 

Hence, the makeover begins!

Here are some photos as we took down cabinet doors.  All the dark green (tornado watch it is called) will be replaced with a clean, crisp white.  Dad has already scraped doors down to the original primer and sanded all the grooves so that they will close properly when reinstalled.

He was also able to use a heat gun to get the paint off the hinges, so we won't have to worry about buying new and can continue with my love of reuse!!!

The painting will begin this weekend!

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