Thursday, June 3, 2010

#51 is now #52 and doing well!

You may remember the baby blue jay that Lo and I rescued a couple weeks ago...

I was feeling a little blue myself today and thought "I've got to check on #51!" 

After we dropped #51 off, they realized they had two birds that were tagged with that number, so "our" bird is now fondly referred to as #52. 

Turns out he is doing well and the incredible volunteers at the Bird Center of Washtenaw County were kind enough to put him on the phone to chirp!! 

He is doing well, getting strong, and doing things that would have been taught by his parents in nature all on his own.  Seems blue jay's are known for being able to adapt well in captivity. 

Will, volunteer extrordinnaire, was excited to share that another baby blue jay was being treated and after a week of meds will be placed with #52 so that they don't have to grow up alone!!  How sweet!!!

I will be going one day next week to visit and will definitely report back again...

Cheers to #52 whose report of good health and well being has made my day!

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