Monday, July 18, 2011

Top Ten Project: Girlfriends

I adore my girlfriends.  They have gotten me through exciting times like my wedding last fall and dark times such as those when my beloved sister passed away.  I don't know where I would be without them.  I love to think of us as each others cheerleaders.  I love them SO much!! 

Here is my top ten about the ladies I love so much:

10. Wine nights! 
9.  Partners in crime
8.  Roadtrips and vacations
7.  Milestones - moves, weddings/marriages, kids, careers, etc.
6.  A person that knows when you need support - even if you don't realize it yourself.
5.  True friends that aren't blood related, but seem to be.
4.  Someone that is there to pick you up when you most need it. 
3.  Not having to be in the same place to feel our close bond.
2.  Someone you can count on for a good laugh or cry.
1.  A best friend which is also a sister = priceless!  A Mom that is one of your trusted girlfriends and so much more!  A niece that you love as your own who you look forward to spending "girlfriend" times with for MANY years to come. 

The Top Ten Project: Girlfriends will be followed-up shortly with lists from some of my very own besties.  Stay tuned!

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