Friday, February 12, 2010

I'm thankful...

for my family, friends, health, and freedom.  Recently, I came across a photography project that also made me thankful for my community and my home. 

100 Abandoned Houses, a project by Kevin Bauman, consists of photographs of city abandonment in Detroit.  Houses that were once beautiful homes are now boarded and overgrown. 

Kevin began the project out of curiosity, but continued it to bring attention to some of Detroit's 12,000 abandoned houses. 

The images, while haunting, give me hope for the rebuilding of a city that once had so much to offer.  A limited edition of prints are available for purchase with proceeds benefiting organizations doing positive work in Detroit such as Habitat for Humanity or The Greening of Detroit

This project has reminded me to be thankful for my neighborhood and the importance of helping surrounding cities like Detroit.

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