Monday, February 1, 2010

My January...

...proudly watched my niece, Lola, during her new swimming class

...joined the YMCA and am working my butt off (hopefully, literally!)

...along with boyfriend, adopted Gibson a lab/golden retreiver mix

...pissed off my cat Navin (see above!)

...painted my basement door with chalkboard paint for lists and fun doodles

...put off painting trim around new windows (ugh!)

...decided to start training for another half marathon in June

...began tackling basement project - more details to come

...viewed Sundance movie, Cyrus, during its grand opening at the Michigan Theater...enjoyed question/answer session afterwards with film producers and star, Jonah Hill!!

...enjoyed dinner club with my closest friends

...treated myself to a pedicure alongside my sisters, Jamie and Erin, while discussing Jamie's news/plans of being an expectant first-time mother!!

...spent time with friends and family celebrating the months birthdays and a surprise retirement party!

LaNa - January 2010
photographed with iphone and autostitch application


Gigi said...

What is autostitch??

LaNa said...

Gigi - Autostitch is an iPhone application where you can take multiple photos and then the app stitches them into one. You know my yard and obviously I couldn't fit it all into one, I took about 5 and the application produced the photo you see on this post. xoxoxoxoxo