Friday, February 4, 2011

Kitchen Mini-Makeover

You may recall I was doing a mini-makeover on the kitchen at LaNa some time ago.  I recently realized I hadn't posted any after, here goes! 

 When I moved in the kitchen was pretty bare and painted in a flat white almost like a primer.  Not very flattering!

With the help of friends, I painted the kitchen "Tornado Watch" - lighter on the walls and darker cabinets.  I liked it at first...then, I started to feel like an OSU fan with the colors.  Not good in Wolverine territory!
Love that our little Navin is in some of these shots.  We miss him TONS!

I decided to go lighter with a glossy white cabinet while keeping the "Tornado Watch" walls.  It brightened up the room and makes it feel less busy.  I'm loving it! 

Don't mind the clutter...there was actually some cooking going on in here!!

Evidence that cooking took place!  BBQ chicken on fresh spinach with mock mashed potatoe (aka cauliflower!)!

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