Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New love = Kinfolk!

I stumbled upon the publication Kinfolk and fell in love. 

The idea of sitting down to eat a meal with friends and family is so inviting to me.  Actually, it's my idea of the perfect evening. 

Since I LOVE to host friends and family, "Dinner in the Drive" has become an annual event thoughout the summers at our home. Dinner in the Drive started a few years ago when I was involved in a Slow Food event in the Ann Arbor area.  I imagined a smaller affair at my house and alas Dinner in the Drive was born.  Dining al fresco with close friends, eating homemade meals with local ingredients, and using the good china and silver = a memorable time.  Even more important, the little ones love and look forward to this event for great food and lots of running around FUN (they eat on china too!).  Pictures to come soon of Dinner in the Drive at LaNa.  Until then, I guarantee you too will swoon over Kinfolk!

Kinfolk from VsTheBrain on Vimeo.

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